Multi Ethnic Girls

Our Story was launched in 2020 in response to the movement for racial justice with a simple mission: to make the act of Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD), also known as “looting”, a more equitable and empowering action for all parties involved. As society rises up and fights systemic oppression and racial injustice, more people are making the decision to take to the streets and have their voices heard. It is clear that society is ready to make a shift towards a more just, equitable, anti-racist world for all, one that provides an opportunity for those historically oppressed while also allowing the oppressor class to atone for its original sin of racism.

Looting, or TPD, can often get out of control and make those on the receiving end of the act feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Although we believe Therapeutic Property Diminishment is not violent, the result can often appear to resemble violence to the untrained eye, as the property owner may express dismay at their home or business being destroyed. believes there is a safer, more equitable way for looting to occur, one that empowers all parties involved in a voluntary manner. Our platform provides a convenient tool to match looters with those willing to offer up their property as a “Safe Space” for looting. 

Select from the level of looting you wish to enact and our SafeLoot Equitable AI will match you to the appropriate LootSpace owner, depending on their desired level of social morality enhancement, or SME.

What do potential LootSpace owners have to gain from offering their home or business up for destruction? 

LootSafe offers various levels of social justice badges to display at your place of business, home, vehicle, or on your social media. Once a LootSpace owner has displayed their level of social morality enhancement, or SME, LootSafe badges are rewarded to offer a convenient, potentially life-saving response to a future angry mob. There’s no better way to mitigate the unsettling act of looting than to volunteer to have it done to you. 

Our SME badge system has been recognized as an ambitious and innovative method for achieving social liberation and harmony. We believe a voluntary system to facilitate looting will make the act of social justice a more peaceful and less controversial process. 

Join LootSafe today and start planning your next act of resistance with those who share your goal. 

We can end injustice and create a safer, looted world together.