Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a real project?

A: Yes, LootSafe aims to create a platform that will pair looters and property owners through a voluntary, equitable process. We are a real organizations with real goals. 

Q: Does LootSafe support looting?

A: LootSafe does not support traditional, more wild forms of looting. Instead, we view our platform as a public service to help de-escalate current tensions in our communities. We believe all looting should be safe and voluntary if it is to occur.

Q: What is the benefit of being a LootSpace owner participant?
A: LootSpace owners are those brave enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with a movement whose time has come. We believe these self-less individuals believe in the cause enough to redirect angry mobs as a method of preserving the goals of the movement. LootSpace owners receive various levels of SME badges to display at their home or business, something which will let future potential mobs of rioters to continue on to the next property. 

Q: What is the benefit of being a Looting/TPD participant?

A: Looters/Diminishers are provided a safe space within which to enact therapeutic diminishment of the specific property they have been matched with. This allows one to express their justified rage while also appearing brave to their fellow mob-cohorts without having to deal with the negative legal ramifications that can accompany wilder forms of TPD.

Q: How does insurance work regarding damage to my property?

A: Many have asked if participation in the LootSafe platform constitutes insurance fraud. We are working diligently with several major insurance companies to discuss specifics on compensation for homeowners. While an initial premium hike make occur, we are discussing ways to lower your liability as a result of choosing to have your property looted voluntarily. 

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