4 Helpful Reminders for Looting Season 2021

With continued acts of police violence, murder, and basically genocide upon us in 2021, it is important to be mindful of the necessary and justified response that will soon follow. Without justice, there can be no peace. And without a clear definition of what constitutes “justice”, you can be sure peace ain’t coming for a long time.

We all witnessed the justified acts of diminishment that took place in 2020. Our souls were stirred and healed through the liberating warmth of fiery, mostly peaceful protests. The calls for justice were heeded. Those seeking to hold police accountable took to the streets and voiced their opinion in the most coherent and logical way: by diminishing their local neighborhood stores.

George Floyd’s brutal murder at the hands of Derek Chauvin led to relentless demonstrations of serene, restorative actions across the globe. For anyone who had their eyes open and their mind unpolluted by the propaganda of the mainstream media, it was clear these were some of the most orderly and lucid collective actions taken in recent memory.

Despite how the fascists at CNN and MSNBC attempted to portray our movement, it is clear we have done everything in our power to peacefully spark meaningful conversation with those who oppose us. Logic and reason are the primary tools of this movement, and we will stop at nothing to smash back at those who refuse to listen.

The Implications of the Derek Chauvin Trial

As the world awaits the verdict of the most open-shut case in recent memory, we must keep in mind what could happen in the highly unlikely event that Chauvin is not convicted of every single charge. Frankly, even if Chauvin gets convicted of all charges, we should still expect there to be righteous and powerful displays of community-enabled diminishment. Nothing less than his body being drawn and quartered and thrown into a nearby body of water will be satisfactory.

With that in mind, let’s keep a number of important, indisputable facts in mind:

1. People Matter MORE Than Property.

As righteous acts of civil disobedience occurred last year, many people were quick to point out how diminishing businesses, vehicles, and homes indiscriminately hurt the calls for justice. This ignorant and oppressive mindset upholds the system of white supremacy that is responsible for every single ill of our society.

Buildings are made of concrete, steel, wood, and other inanimate materials. When they become damaged, destroyed, or set ablaze it is a reminder of the horrible injustice that has occurred to someone somewhere else. Often, this injustice can be felt by the people who live or work inside the building, making this act of diminishment all the more important. Property may be owned by other humans who have nothing to do with the particular incident being protested, but the destruction of their property serves a valuable service for all humans. It reminds those that injustice somewhere will bring diminishment everywhere.

2. Therapeutic Property Diminishment (Looting) is a Tool to Achieve Justice

If Chauvin is acquitted of any charge against him, you can be sure TPD will soon follow. Therapeutic Property Diminishment, derisively referred to as “looting”, is a widely accepted practice of reducing a neighborhood or community’s aesthetic and functioning appearance in the service of the greater calls for social justice. TPD announces itself as a powerful source of awareness-raising for specific causes.

Normally, most people turn away from traditional forms of “peaceful protesting”, leading to a lack of action towards a particular solution. TPD prevents people from turning away from the issue, as a structure that becomes diminished and is presently smoldering with flames will serve as a constant reminder of the lack of justice in our world. Truly, nothing achieves the peace and justice we seek in the world faster than to burn it all down.

3. “Looting” and “Rioting” is NOT the Same as the Terrorist Insurrectionists Who Stormed the Capitol

Many people have pointed out the supposed “contradiction” between condemning the act of mass violence, terrorism, insurrection, coup attempt that occurred at our nation’s capital on January 6th, and defending acts of diminishment in the name of justice. Quite simply, this is an outrageous and illogical comparison to make and should be called out whenever this statement is made. The white supremacist, neo-nazi MAGA scum who stormed the capitol and nearly brought our country to its knees are undeniably worse than anything that happened over the past year.

Buildings burning in the cause of combating racism is NOT the same as white terrorists threatening congress. Smashing windows in the name of fighting police brutality is NOT the same as alt-right militia smashing windows at the heart of our corrupt government. Assaulting journalists, onlookers, and business owners in the name of social justice is NOT the same as terrifying lawmakers in the service of a system of white supremacy.

4. Not all Violence is Violence. Most Silence is Violence

Critics of protests last year made a point to discuss the supposed “violence” that occurred during these demonstrations. They would talk about the $1 billion in property damage, they would discuss individuals who were supposedly “killed” during protests, and they would bring up people who would get attacked in the midst of demonstrations.

Quite simply, these statements are wrong and completely inaccurate. Violence is not violence if the intent is pure. Violence is not “violence” if the cause is just. As the saying goes, the ends always justify the means as long as the ends are in the name of justice and equality. This has the effect of immunizing any act of so-called “violence” with a shield of anti-racist anti-bodies. You cannot be violent if you are fighting for peace. You cannot be a criminal if the law itself is a crime against humanity. Violence is not always violence.

Similarly, silence can absolutely be one of the most violent acts a person can commit. When you sit idly by and do nothing, you empower the most violent monsters among us. When you refuse to speak up, you unwittingly condone continued acts of murder. Essentially, people who remain silent to the cause of abolishing the police are aiding and abetting criminal activities and should be arrested by the appropriate law enforcement officers.

Less than four months into 2021, it’s clear that our current path isn’t working. TPD worked to shift the conversation in 2020, booting out the worst president the world has ever known, but it has not accomplished enough. Until there are no more police, no more guns, and no more unjustified acts of violence, more incidents of diminishment will be necessary.

Utopia is often just one act of Therapeutic Property Diminishment away. Let’s make it count this looting season.

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