Addressing Our Most Important Public Health Crisis

The mass reaction to systemic injustice can often appear violent or destructive to the fresh, untrained eye. Property reappropriation and diminishment are symptoms of a disease. The police response to this disease has been the equivalent of harmful cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Simply attempting to get rid of cancer cells using inhumane and violent measures only leads to the cancerous growth metastasizing, eventually killing the social body we all exist within.

This is unacceptable and wrong.

The boisterous response of those enacting Therapeutic Property Diminishment is understandable and often justified, (depending on the specific business being diminished and whether or not it has demonstrated its virtue sufficiently).

But the excessive response by police to eliminate a “social tumor” is disgusting. It assumes the cells of the “tumor” no longer have value and are simply harming the health of the affected body or body-adjacent cell conglomerates.

From a medical perspective, tumors have always been viewed as something to quickly get rid of and as a health concern. This viewpoint is founded within a colonial mindset of what constitutes a harmful cell for the body, something which must be questioned at every turn.

What if a “tumor” was actually the body's much-needed wakeup call? What if the “tumor” was supposed to let the body know it was time to face reality and to heal? What if that “tumor” told the body it could either listen to its demands and become whole again or ultimately die trying to resist it?

We know property diminishers are not metaphorical tumors, but we wanted to use this point to illustrate how TPD can often be misconstrued and exaggerated within the dominant discourse of our day.

The point is that a tumor is only a death sentence if we don't do exactly what it tells us to do in every possible way. If society listens to what diminishers are saying and does every single action possible to heed the public health sirens of our racist epidemic, we have a fighting chance to regain wholeness.

In this story, we are the tumor, the body, and the doctor at the same time, as all depend on one another for survival in a non-binary mix of interrelatedness.

Rectification means loving our shared experience, our common goals, and our diversity of cellular function and usefulness. It means shifting our allopathic sociological paradigm of cops applying force to those wronged by our fascist societal paradigm towards a post-colonial, homeopathic application of justice that brings the abuser and the abused to the table for a raw meal of juices and fresh colon cleanses.

Once we reimagine our relationship to one another, our cancerous growth will not metastasize into a fatal outcome. Instead, it will metamorphize into a butterfly, leaving behind the uneasy confines of relentless TPD outbreaks and fly freely into a gust of social change, uplifting all of those who participated and compassionately leaving behind those who remained violent (silent).

It’s our only hope for a better, healthier world. Join us and help our vital, vibrant, unborn social butterfly take flight.

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