Does Protesting Spread Coronavirus?

2020 has been a challenging year. A global pandemic. Mass racial injustice televised to locked-down masses, triggering protests and calls for justice. And a tenuous election where fascism was defeated (until Joe Biden takes office).

The calls for equality and police accountability led to garish displays of structure-based repealments. These widespread displays of civil disobedience were seen as an important step in the movement for equity.

Unfortunately, this mass movement also occurred in the midst of a raging coronavirus pandemic that has killed large swathes of human bodies. Many in the movement for justice did the honorable, respectful thing during the course of the pandemic.

They stayed home. They limited social interactions. They wore masks inside and outside of their cars.

And, perhaps most importantly, they called out those who didn’t follow the rules from our medical authorities, those who differ greatly from the fascists we are fighting against.

The protests against the lockdowns were a horrific display of fascists attempting to spread the virus under the cover of taking a stand against the government. Many theorized these individuals were actually hoping to spread the virus further to communities of color who were disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.

The lockdown protesters, many of whom were proven members of the Nazi party, threatened the existence of society by disobeying laws that criminalized normal activities. They shouted at congressmen, berated officials who were simply trying to protect society from harm, and, in the process, spread Coronavirus across the globe.

Undoubtedly, these white supremacist-tinged demonstrations led to thousands of deaths, in large part because they were protesting the rules that were trying to prevent deaths. The power of intention is at the heart of this epidemiological crisis, as protests that reject lockdown policies are rooted in being against anti-death laws.

In effect, their opposition to anti-death laws made them unequivocally pro-death.

This Was Not the Case With Black Lives Matter

The murder of George Floyd stirred the nation’s soul. People tired of seeing police brutality and state-sponsored murder took to the streets to push back against this horrific reality.

Many people brought up the point that BLM protests similarly risked the lives of the public during the midst of the pandemic. They said mass protests have a high probability of spreading the deadly coronavirus and that the double standard was clear.

But this is not fair nor based on science.

Indeed, large gatherings of humans congregating in the same location increases the chances of spreading Covid-19. This is why people like the pizza magnate who happens to be black, Herman Cain, died. This is why the Orange Fuhrer contracted the virus while brazenly making fun of masks.

However, there is an important distinction that needs to be made when it comes to those who question coronavirus gathering to spew their viral hatred and those who come together to stand up to the virus of racism. BLM protesters were shielded from the super-spreader status of their alt-right peers because their intentions were based on science, justice, and compassion.

Racism is factually a pandemic in our world, one that must be met with a vaccine of fervent anti-racist action. Yes, Covid-19 is a scourge on our world and all rules given by our leaders must be followed exactly as they are given.

But we must also remember that fighting for racial justice is just as important, if not more so. This is a virus that has been with us since the dawn of man. It is more contagious, more insidious, more violent than a microscopic strain of coronavirus could ever hope to be. The viral particle of racism happens to be the size of a white person’s face. It’s pretty clear which is worse.

The BLM protests were a profound showcase of human solidarity in the face of injustice. They occurred with a singular coherent goal in mind: to rid the world of racism, to show that black lives matter, to educate the public, to raise awareness for the issues, to sound the alarm for trans BIPOC issues, and so much more.

When protesters take to the streets in opposition to our racial pandemic, they are protected from SARS COV-2 because their cause is just, their intentions are pure, and their voices must be heard.

Science has told us a lot about the power of intention. The placebo effect speaks volumes about the power of our minds, as believing we are being healed can actually heal the problem we are facing. Black Lives Matter protests stood up to a corrupt society with the best intentions in mind, providing the needed protection from harm.

Math Matters

The miracle of science is sometimes difficult to comprehend, especially for those whose hearts are filled with hate. Science is based in math and math cannot be disproven or argued against. Although Pythagoras was a straight, white, cis-male, he was correct in saying that all is number.

The reason why BLM protests didn’t spread the virus can be understood using this simple formula:

Positive Intentions to Combat Racism - Coronavirus Pandemic = Zero Incidence of Spread.

Protests cannot spread the coronavirus if they are based on fighting another virus. Epidemiology is ultimately dependent on whether or not your actions are rooted in fighting one pandemic or the other. If you align with an accepted idea of science such as “racism is a pandemic” then the science says you are shielded from harm.

Facts can be difficult to understand for the covidiot, super-spreader, alt-right terrorists who protest against the lockdowns. For edification, lockdown protester math goes like this:

Negative Intentions to Protest Coronavirus Lockdowns + No Regard For the Pandemic of Racism = Super-Spreader Status

Science, math, and logic all have a place in our world, especially when understanding the impact of protesting and spreading coronavirus. When we use our hearts and minds with the best intentions, no pandemic is too great to overcome, no matter how infectious or deadly.

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