How to Identify Real Diminishers From White Supremacist Diminishers

In the highly-charged environment of mass therapeutic property diminishments (TPD), discerning the real activists diminishing for justice from those who are malicious actors can be extremely challenging. Navigating this reality can lead to a great deal of confusion and misinformation about the events taking place, shaping the public’s mindset on these important issues.

Events that lead to diminishment-based outcomes can present a puzzle for the public to unravel. Namely, when it is ok to support/rationalize/defend TPD from afar and when it is essential to condemn those who are abusing acts of diminishment to delegitimize the movement.

Discerning white supremacist agitators from those who are genuinely aligned with the values of social justice is not always an easy task. Often, white supremacists will infiltrate the ranks of diminishers in order to use TPD as a cover to commit acts of unwarranted property destruction, violence, and social unrest.

This is especially difficult because legitimate forms of TPD may appear to the untrained eye to manifest in a very similar fashion. Activists who are rightly outraged at the mass injustice within our society often engage in boisterous and physical-based forms of free speech.

The right of individuals diminishing in the name of justice and equality must be protected at all costs to ensure the success of the movement. But condemnation of those who abuse this special privilege must be coherent and swift.

Individuals who make the brave and noble decision to enact TPD as a sign of civil disobedience and protest are a vital component of any legitimate protest movement. They utilize the tactic of widespread building-sabotage to vocalize the message of solidarity for their voiceless brethren.

Rightful Diminishers (RD) Can Be Identified Using a Number of Key Factors.

RD are those who chant the correct slogans in the same cadence and rhythm as those around them. They tend to know the right ways in which to state such messages and are in lockstep with their fellow comrades. White supremacist diminishers (WSD) often use the correct slogans but with an unenthusiastic or inauthentic tone.

Although RD often wear all black and are responsibly masked up, it is important to verify whether individuals are diminishing in large groups or are doing so by themselves. RD tend to diminish in larger numbers, as they are assimilated into the correct group ideals and values. WSD will often be seen diminishing on their own, in out-of-place locations without collective approval from fellow group members.

A prime example of this can be seen during the Minneapolis uprising in May of 2020 when a lone man with an umbrella could be seen destroying an AutoZone. Onlookers discovered this WSD and rightfully held him to account.

When witnessing TPD occurring in real-time, ask diminishers to give you their name so you are able to verify their correct level of allegiance to the cause based on their recent social media posts. RD will have a consistent and long-term pattern of signaling their alignment with the values of the movement, making it easier to assess whether one should support their present solidarity-based diminishment.

RD will also act out their aggression upon businesses that are a part of the oppressive class. This can include big-box stores such as Target, police stations, as well as local mechanics who do not have the proper social justice signage displayed in their windows.

RD diminish in coherent, meaningful ways to bring attention to the cause and make loud statements about the cause through physical displays of speech. This differs dramatically from WSD, who tend to destroy and loot buildings without any positive or healing intent.

TPD is Dependent on the Intent of the Actor

In summation, the social acceptability of Therapeutic Property Diminishment is ultimately a product of the intent of the diminisher.

Real Diminishers are those who strive to improve society by tearing a piece of it down, raising awareness to important issues by using building-abolitionism as a crucial tactic for achieving justice. White Supremacist Diminishers are those who seek to mimic the acts of Real Diminishers without having the positive and authentic intent to back up their actions.

WSD do a great deal of harm to the mission and actions of RD, because they effectively turn public opinion against the cause for justice, associating legitimate protest movements with acts of wonton destruction. RD do the opposite, using acts of diminishment to improve public opinion and raise awareness for vital issues.

Distinguishing between these two groups is essential if we are to achieve the world we wish to see, one that is not tainted by the mal-intent of racist agitators seeking to delegitimize the calls for social justice.

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