Presenting The Peer-to-Peer Rage Room Revolution

Injustice is everywhere. We see it in the streets every time a racist cop kills another unarmed black person. We see it when these same cops get away with murder, protected by the same systemically racist system that encouraged the murder in the first place.

It’s no longer possible to ignore the massive levels of racism and white supremacy that permeate every single corner of our “civilization”. Let’s be honest: it’s not civilization, it’s shiny barbarianism peering through the veil of a white hood.

The murders of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Eric Garner, and countless others have made it clear that the time for inaction has passed. It’s made it apparent that standing on the sidelines isn’t an option.

You cannot stand on the sidelines with your fist at your side. You cannot simply put a Black Lives Matter sign on your lawn and believe you’ve done the work. You cannot scream statements such as “People over Property” while being unwilling to offer up your own home or business for the cause.

This is Where a Peer-to-Peer Rage Room Becomes Necessary

We’ve seen the countless news articles and media pundits condemning property diminishment and disparaging individuals expressing their constitutional right to be heard. We’ve also witnessed the hollow virtue-signaling from those in the movement who want to support the cause, but only to a point.

The time for creative, liberatory, and healing alternatives to this complex issue has arrived.

Peer-to-Peer Rage Rooms offer a unique opportunity for all sides of the movement to be heard, all while doing so using the empowering concepts of cooperation and voluntary participation. Coming to the defense of diminishers is an important part of the equation, but offering up your property is the logical end-point and is absolutely vital.

Upon its launch, will create the world’s first peer-to-peer rage room platform for social justice, a revolutionary idea that aims to de-escalate the more wild and turbulent forms of property diminishment present within our movement. This idea embraces Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD) without harming or alienating our allies.

A functioning society requires empathy, compassion, and cooperation if we ever hope to achieve lasting liberation and justice in our world. Our platform will fulfill all of these values in an effort to dampen the notion that looting/diminishment is inherently violent.

If Diminishment is Voluntary, it Cannot be Violent.

Participation by both property owners and diminishers is key to combatting ring-wing narratives and steering the focus of the conversation back towards its rightful targets: white supremacy, police brutality, and systemic racism.

P2P-RR’s are an evolved sophistication of our present cultural manifestation. Taking the power back from the media and Anglo-American establishment requires a novel approach, and P2P-RR’s are exactly that.

Providing a safe space for TPD is the best remedy for rectification. It steers the (justified) outrage of the masses, dispersing restorative justice across designated locations within a city. Mostly peaceful protests which escalate towards louder demonstrations will have a landing pad for diminishers to diffuse their property dysphoria.

Without designated P2P-RR’s available for de-escalative and controlled forms of TPD, our world can continue to expect to witness uncontrolled forms of diminishment that are triggering and disadvantageous for communities and justice movers.

It is clear: the time for silence is over. We must use this moment to reshape and reimagine property diminishment if we are ever to achieve equitable outcomes and sustainable liberation for all parties in our world.

Sign up to become a diminisher or LootSpace owner today and take a stand in the fight for anti-racist, anti-silent solutions.

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