President Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and the Future of

Rejoice! The news we received this past weekend was a moment for jubilation, celebration, and sporadic but understandably reduced amounts of Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD). The repudiation of the racist, misogynist, homophobia, and fascism of Donald Trump was the breath of fresh air we all needed for one of the worst years in modern history.

The fascist is gone! Ok, we may have replaced him with a less tech-savvy, more covert racist fascist in Joe Biden, but it’s undoubtedly the surface level change that matters the most.

No longer will we have to be triggered into fits of uncontrollable, furious physical acts of free speech expressions. No longer will our mental safe spaces become invaded with the putrid Twitter droppings of our Flatulator-in-Chief.

It is a victory for all person-based bodies in our world. A moment to gasp for breath within our dumpster-fire infused air. Smells majestic, doesn’t it? Don’t breathe in too deeply, though, COVID is still with us. in the Joe Biden-era

This critical moment in our post-colonial, soil-stationed land also brings with it relevant questions regarding the future of

Clearly, a nation free from the oppressive rule of the Orange inflammatory Führer will have less of a need for persistent episodes of TPD.

At least for a while. predicts the incidence of TPD will drop dramatically over the next couple of months. However, once the Biden administration begins, we predict a rise in the need for new Peer-to-Peer Rage Rooms will emerge.

Inevitably, police officers will continue to kill black and brown people, something which is now amplified in the digital age. The increasing likelihood of another lockdown also increases the chances of another repeat of the scenario that led to mass amounts of TPD occurring during the George Floyd protest.

LootSafe’s Position on Trump-Support-Induced TPD

The election of Joe Biden could also give rise to a new phenomenon of Trump-Support-Induced Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TSI-TPD). Until now, incidents of TPD have been insulated to largely left-wing groups, with the exception of the occasional white nationalist pretending to be within the dominant protest group as a means to get in on the action.

TSI-TPD could begin to become a more widespread reality, as disaffected and passionate Trump supporters may decide to avenge their white supremacist god-emperor-king dictator and begin their own diminishment process.

The prospect of two competing Therapeutic Property Diminishment campaigns is one that takes very seriously. The potential for such scenarios to become volatile and out-of-hand leaves us with no choice but to prevent hate groups from abusing this valuable public resource.

TSI-TPD will not be allowed to exist on LootSafe’s platform. Admittedly, this may prove difficult, as we know many individuals pose as being social justice activists while covertly being Boogaloo Bois, Proud Boys, and other white supremacists who use variations of the word ‘boys’ to pretend to be innocent activist organizations.

We know better and we will root out hate wherever it arises.

Looting, rioting, and other forms of protected 1st amendment rights cannot and will not be shared with those who do not share LootSafe’s vision for social justice and equality.

We must continue to diminish forward in the name of progress. Destruction cannot have a healing quality if it is used for the wrong reasons.

Resist. Then Persist. Then Resist the wrong resistance. Then persist again. We can overcome anything when we unite around our well-defined version of what is right.


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