The Power of a LootSpace for Social Good in the 2020 Election

In the fight to rectify and restore our sense of justice, we must be willing to consider a solution that is both radical and outside-of-the-box if it is to be lasting and sustainable. Understanding the complex social reality we face, we know a shift is needed, both in mindset and the available tools at our disposal.

Complex problems require creative solutions, ones that approach issues such as Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD/looting) with an open mind. We knew simply condemning TPD would not solve the issue at hand, as a sense of urgency to achieve justice within society has made the outcome of mass diminishment inevitable.

When our platform goes live, individuals will be able to endow the most vocal members of the movement with the privilege of their property, something that can serve as a literal landing pad for potential mass outrage. Owners of land-based forms of capital can provide their holdings to the public and become a LootSpace participant.

The power of a LootSpace lies in its de-escalative properties and turning the prospect of seemingly inevitable looting into a proactive tool of harm reduction.

Imagine, for a moment, the absolute worst-case scenario for 2020: President Trump wins reelection. Any hope for immediate rectification within the federal government will go up in smoke.

And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Or, as could be the case in November, multiple fires across many different major cities in response to this terrifying outcome.

Indeed, a Trump victory will cause our collective despair to deepen and our hope for a return to normalcy to disappear. Hopelessness can lead to understandable acts of destruction for those struggling to deal with such a stark, miserable reality.

This is Where LootSpaces Become Absolutely Necessary

As unlikely as it may (hopefully) be that Trump will win another term, society at large needs to prepare for this possibility and to take proactive precaution against such a horrifying scenario.

What if every major city where TPD is likely to occur (Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York) had multiple LootSpaces available prior to election night? These safe spaces could be ready to redirect outrage if the outcome of the election is unfavorable for the cause of social justice.

Instead of having our collective outrage lead to acts which alienate the public to our cause, we can embrace radical measures to redistribute power and property to those experiencing a case of property-dysphoria.

It is for this reason, we are asking potential LootSpace owners to join our cause and create the safest and most secure loot landing pad for all parties involved during this election season. Together, we can make Election Day looting safer and more equitable for all.

We believe it’s not only our responsibility to facilitate this transformative act. It’s our civic duty. is committed to facilitating the healing and empowering act of Therapeutic Property Diminishment for the 2020 US Election. Find out how you can help the cause by contacting us directly.

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