What is Social Morality Enhancement (SME)?

Social Morality Enhancement, also known as SME, is a new term in the field of Critical Theory used to describe the ability for a privileged person to rectify their advantage by leveraging their position of power in favor of social justice. SME can be achieved a number of ways, including going to a protest to show solidarity for the movement, publicly donating to a cause to support the movement, and using your position of power within the oppressor class to empower those being oppressed.

SME can also take the form of more radical actions to boost Social Morality Enhancement far beyond the standard call of duty. Participating as a LootSpace host allows a person to exponentially increase SME with an action that announces one's solidarity with boisterous veracity.

SME is the answer to resolving guilt associated with privilege, giving back to the disenfranchised by offering up one's property as a restorative measure. Doing the work often requires us to sacrifice the things we have worked to earn, as it showcases the selfless act of solidarity within the movement for justice.

It is our belief that a person's SME decays over time in relation to one's most recent actions, which can require aggressive and proactive measures to maintain an acceptable SME score. Simply stating that you've acknowledged your privilege and are doing the work is often not sufficient to satisfy the demands put on those in a position of power.

Courageous individuals often take the step to stand with those who are oppressed and many take the initiative to provide their comrades with the necessary therapeutic outlet provided by property disassembly.

We believe this act, which we define as "Therapeutic Property Diminishment" (TPD) is a potent display of rebellion by disaffected members of society. However, this act can often get out of control and become extremely triggering for those on the receiving end of the TPD.

For this reason, platforms that provide for an accessible and equitable way to facilitate looting for the benefit of all are needed to bring social harmony. Volunteering to have TPD facilitated at your property can dramatically raise your SME within a single night’s worth of destruction, providing LootSpace owners with enough social capital to proudly display at their home or business.

Tumultuous times call for radical, outside-the-box thinking. If we are to create the world we wish to seek, we must call on those with abundant resources to offer their material belongings for the betterment of all. SME is the great equalizer for those in a position of privilege and one that we should all consider the next time we judge those in the midst of TPD.

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