What is Therapeutic Property Diminishment (TPD)?

2020 has given rise to a number of social justice movements that have begun the process of reunification and liberation. Although mostly peaceful displays of protest, oftentimes there are individuals who decide that peacefully protesting isn't enough, and a larger and more impactful action must be taken.

This is where protesters may decide to enact therapeutic property diminishment (TPD), otherwise referred to as “looting”. This action reasserts the power of those disaffected by systemic racism and enslaved by capitalism, putting the power firmly back into the hands of the oppressed. As Ariel Atkins of Black Lives Matter eloquently exclaimed during recent looting in Chicago: “I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats, that makes sure that person has clothes. That is reparations.”

TPD is an understandable and inevitable consequence of a system that has thrown black and brown bodies into the gutter, leaving them to decay and creating additional work for sanitation crews in the process. We believe the therapeutic diminishment of property is an act of empowerment for those in the midst of expressing themselves with physical displays of personal autonomy.

How TPD Can be a Force for Change

Therapeutic Property Diminishment is the untamed rage of the disaffected, the last stand of the warrior fighting for justice. In the midst of this last gasp to reassert one’s power, many individuals enacting TPD lash out in wild, untamed ways which may be triggering and hurtful for those caught within their TPD sphere-of-influence. When TPD ends with a minority business getting destroyed, it ultimately harms the movement for justice and equality.

Instead, LootSafe believes TPD can be contained and controlled within a safe environment, allowing diminishers to point their anger at a pre-determined target that has agreed to take on the burden of this therapeutic act. Similar to commercialized “rage rooms”, LootSpace owners leverage their privilege and power by providing a curated environment for diminishers to express their outrage within.

Many diminishers face the unfair spotlight of law enforcement when enacting TPD, something that can also be a significant drawback for those seeking to fight back against the system using depreciatory tactics. By utilizing the LootSafe platform, diminishers are able to appear brave and courageous to their peers while also being shielded from the legal ramifications that can often accompany this action. It also mitigates the inevitable outrage that commonly follows a robust evening of wild property diminishment, turning LootSpace owners into heroes without turning diminishers into villains.

In this way, the LootSafe platform creates a path to voluntary liberation, one that reduces negative blowback from TPD while also empowering those with privilege to loudly announce their alignment with the cause. Empty virtue signaling within the movement can have a deleterious effect, as you can only accomplish so much through a social media status or a physical sign placed in a yard to indicate solidarity. We believe the bold, fearless individuals who decide to become LootSpace participants are those who are putting their money where their heart is, creating a necessary space for TPD to arise.

Contrary to popular belief, the Evolootion will not be televised; it will be supervised. LootSafe firmly believes that all forms of TPD, or looting, should be safe and voluntary for all parties involved. We can create a safer, looted world, together.

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